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Company History


Curtis Crater is a real person who grew up in Huntington Beach. He graduated from Edison High School in 1977. Curtis’s first appliance job was in 1978 at Beach Cities Appliance in Santa Ana. Curtis then worked as a factory technician for RCA Whirlpool in New York City, New York for two years, he then returned to Huntington Beach in 1982 and worked for three Orange County appliance repair companies. In 1984 Curtis started his business with the goal in mind of providing fast service at reasonable rates!! For twenty years Curtis has been maintaining that goal by providing “Better Than Factory” rates and “Better Than Factory” scheduling of service appointments…..

  In 1986 Curtis moved his business to “Home Appliance” on Beach Blvd. and handled G.E. factory service for the inventory of Home Appliance!!

  Seeking to maintain real factory independence Curtis moved his business back to his “Home Based” format in the early 1990’s.

  Throughout the years Curtis has built a strong reputation among his customers of honesty and reliability. You may very well know a few already!!!

  Curtis Crater is a real family man, with two beautiful daughters and four handsome sons, along with his incredible wife Barbie they proudly raise their children to be fine adults with strong values and solid character!  

  Curtis also thanks God for the many blessings placed upon him in both his family and his business!!


    “Now You Know Who Your Calling”